Back in 1982 Rune Annaniassen, Erik Avnskog and Tor Dybdahl assembled a set of songs for a demo cassette tape.
[The tape still exists in the dept of The Temptation Archives.]
The songs had been recorded on a two-track reel to reel during spring and summer. Among the songs was the first demo version of "Sensation Boys" recorded by Erik and Tor while writing it in a borrowed apartment in Tante Ulrikkes vei, Oslo in the spring of '82.
Their equipment was quite limited; a Roland CSQ-100 Sequencer, a Roland SH5 monophonic synthesizer, a string synth of some kind, a bass guitar, and an electric six string. They still had not mustered up enough means to afford a drum machine so the rhythm track consisted of Erik and Tor banging on whatever they could find with a timbre.

Rune named the band The French Connection after the classic movie with Gene Hackman.

When in London, later that year, Tor delivered the demo cassette at the reception desk at Virgin Records in Portobello Road before quickly escaping the intimidating predicament he had forced upon himself.
The rejection letter arrived in Oslo about three months later and Rune ironically pinned it to the living room wall.
That could easily have been the end of that.

Many years later, in 2010, when Řystein Moe [Hommage Records], and Tor Dybdahl were collecting songs for the album The Temptation Tapes Volume I. Going through The Temptation Archives some of the songs they choose weren't recorded by any of Tor's bands from 85 and up. Most were either solo recordings or some freak accident collaboration. Tor quickly decided that any song that didn't fit the category of Clockwork Orange, Downers, or Horsemen was, therefore, in fact, a song by
The French Connection.

Line Up:
Tor Dybdahl:
Synthesizers, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Electronics & Vocals
On different occasions:
Rune Annaniassen:
Guitars, Bass & String Synth
Erik Avnskog: Synthesizers, Bass, Guitars, Piano & Electronics
Torgeir Tunold-Hanssen: Guitars
Kjartan Kristiansen: Guitars, Bass & Drums

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