Jan Berg started his music career at a quite young age. He played a gig as a member of Art of JPS at Café de Stijl the summer of '82.
On their second live show in December the same year
, a warm-up for Thanasis Zlatanos band Nekropolis, the band had changed their name to Blue Mathue.
After the concert they were approached by Tormod Opedal from Uniton Records who encouraged them to send him a demo tape.

In 1983 Uniton Records released the EP "Perfect Pictures" by Blue Mathue now reduced to a duo with Jan and his dear friend Pål Helmersen by his side. This jewel of an record is now a much sought after collectable.

After the disbandment of Blue Mathue Jan joined Tor Dybdahl and Erik Avnskog forming Clockwork Orange and he was a center force in their recording endeavors throughout 1985.

When Clockwork was history Jan worked with his first solo project Aurora and recorded an extensive amount of beautiful, experimental ambient music under this umbrella.
He also collaborated with the German poet and artist Aleks Schatz on the track "Leidenschaft"

In 2019 Jan Berg started releasing his later solo work digitally through Temptation Records [The Temptation Department].
This is truly a work of excellence.
Anyone thoroughly rooted in electronic music, from David Bowies Low, Yellow Magic Orchestra, David Sylvian, and Krafwerk, or fans of Twin Peaks for that matter, will find this work no less than fucking amazing.

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