Horsemen was founded by Tor Dybdahl in 1986 after he had finished recording a bunch of songs with his friends Erik Avnskog and Rune Annaniassen [RIP]. Harald Are Lund [RIP] was producing the new single [Mr. Sunrise] in making together with Erik and Tor was keen on putting a band together to be able to play his material live.

He hooked up with a new acquaintance of his, Matti Hansen and  after going through two bass players the third attempt, Kim Tangen, was a perfect match for the band.

The line-up that saw the band through 80's and into the 90's was finalized. Seven synthesizers, two drum machines all controlled by the sequencer Roland MC 500. Matti on guitar, Kim on bass guitar, and Tor on vocals and additional guitars.

Horsemen never went to a proper recording studio during the 80's or 90's but they did record their live set on a four track porta studio.

After a long break Horsemen reappeared in the 2000's in various settings playing concerts with a new line-up.

Currently Horsemen plays concerts as a trio whenever possible with an esthetic set-up of total analog, old school, synthesizers and sequencers.

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Line-Up 1987-1992:
Tor Dybdahl: Programming, Guitars & Vocals
Matti Hansen: Guitar
Kim Tangen: Bass

Line-Up 2008 - 2011:
Tor Dybdahl: Synthesizers, Electronics & Vocals
Jan Berg: Synthesizers & Electronics

Line-Up 2013 - 2023:
Tor Dybdahl: Synthesizers, Guitars, Electronics & Vocals
Matti Hansen: Synthesizers & Electronics
Andreas Mork: Synthesizers & Electronics

Line-Up 2023 - Present:
Tor Dybdahl: Synthesizers, Guitars, Electronics & Vocals
Niord Alexander: Synthesizers, Guitars, Drums & Vocals
Leona Sahara: Synthesizers, Electronics & Vocals

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