Downers is a duo consisting of Geir Sinding & Tor Dybdahl.
They started their collaboration in 1985 and have recorded on and off ever since.
Geir writes music, Tor chops it up, arranges and ads lyrics and vocals.

Some time during the mid '80s the bands dear friend, the famous music journalist and radio DJ, Harald Are Lund, invited the band to record some songs in Studio One at NRK [The Norwegian National Broadcasting Company]. Once facilitated with state of the art recording equipment the band blossomed and utilized the chance by recording some of their best work ever. In hindsight, as far as they remember, only one song survived and they both wonder where the rest went. It was such a raw statement they sobbingly complained searching through attics and store rooms frantically looking for their lost tapes, their lost greatness. Where did it go?

Geir Sinding:
Synthesizers, Guitars & Electronics
Tor Dybdahl:
Synthesizers, Guitars, Bass, Farfisa Organ, Electronics & Vocals

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