Clockwork Orange was a relatively short lived band.
Its beautiful '85 spring blossom lead to a hot sensational summer before its inevitable death by the howling winds of fall.
Forever withered, oblivious.

But they did not leave completely without a trace.
Their '85 single "Sensation Boys" got good reviews, it was frequently heard on the radio, it entered the charts and was awarded silver in the "Single of the Year" category.

They recorded, but never released, a follow-up single as well as an long play album. Tor also kept recording with both  Erik and Jan as different versions of the band in various attempts to finish the album throughout an ice cold winter.
All to little or no avail.

In 2009 Řystein Moe and Hommage Records released "Maskindans - Norsk Synth 1980 - 1988" a double CD documenting Norwegian electronic music throughout the '80s. Clockwork Oranges "Sensation Boys" were singled out by several music journalists as the most joyful reencounter of them all.
Tor did of course have "Sensation Boys" on the set list at The Maskindans Release Party at Club Indigo, 13th of February in Oslo. He also brought with him Jan Berg on synthesizers to this short promo gig, but the name of the band was Horsemen.
Clockwork Orange was long gone.

Some of the songs Tor, Erik and Jan recorded during 1985 was later released on the The Temptation Tapes Volume I & II
A collaboration project between Hommage Records & Temptation Records [The Temptation Department] released both on LP and CD as well as digital.

Tor Dybdahl: Synthesizers, Guitars, Electronics & Vocals
Erik Avnskog: Synthesizers, Bass, Guitars, Piano & Electronics
Jan Berg: Synthesizers & Electronics

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